An afternoon in the darkroom

Yesterday I spent the afternoon in the darkroom testing out some new paper (12×16 in Ilford Multigrade IV RC De Luxe Gloss for those of you interested) all the while using a few of the old favorites along side a skateboard.

After a few prints of Mr Calamity Hawkins (which would test the amount of drying space I’d have available) I decided to look for something a little different, While flipping through sheets of negatives I came across a picture of a good friend of mine Mark Steedman and thought I’d make a test print. Wow is all I can say… I ended up printing the same image on a few sheets of the ilford mg, some old ilfobrom and then thought I’d might as well make a full afternoon of it and chemically printed his face onto a skateboard. All in all a good day.


I shall leave you with this small gallery, I will share more pictures of the board once I have gone through the sealing and finishing stages.

Look out for more of these as there will be an exhibition of them at a later date.