Exploring New Media

Ever since working with the talented Dr Josh Harle I’ve been inspired by the concept of exploring spaces.

This week a dream came true, I’ve developed and obtained the means to add another dimension to my work. What you see is a 360 image with no fixed focal point. The “rules” of photography still apply somewhat but by changing the viewing method the observer can have an immersive experience. This truly represents a new frontier for myself and countless others world wide.


B sides of a former time

In todays age of instant gratification it is easy to see why the preference runs for digital material, it is quick versatile and very share friendly.. So some time ago I aimed to bridge a gap by digitising my art, only like many of us I didn’t really like everything I was producing.

Why? I can’t ever imagine, the only advice I could ever see giving to my just turned twenty something self is generally a massive slap in the face.

None the less I spent countless hours and funds on rolls of film which I fed through several cameras of varying quality which I developed, printed and X-processed to then scan. Do I remember shooting most of these? Not entirely no… do I like them now? yes. Because to me they are honest. A slice of time that was before today.

And this is why I have now compiled them into a gallery. I solemnly swear to like my own work more from now on.

B sides of a life of adventure between 2008-2012






Now we Ergo the Ego

In late 2013 I asked a number a participants to visit my studio to participate in a shoot themed around them, only when asked what about them I wanted, I told participants “it is up to you”. The only overall explanation was along the lines of it had to be expressive, very outward and glamorously engaging (and occasionally my response was “I don’t know.. dress up or something, this is about what you want”).

Is it any wonder people thought I could not articulate myself?

The idea was to try and get a feel of Ego, and people’s outward portrayal of themselves given a chance to do anything as long as it was impressive.

What followed was an adventure though peoples ideas and expressions in a foil lined room lit to resemble the inside of some sort of science fiction film set.

None the less we captured some very interesting ideas from the absurd to the subtle.

Here are the highlights


This has been a fantastic experience and something I’d love to look into doing again in the future.


Maximum Sexy Pigeon’s new filmclip NSFW

Some time ago the boys from MSP wanted to have a crack at a new filmclip, only on shoot day they weren’t available. So in their abscence I took it upon myself to locate their biggest fan and make the film clip on their behalf. Beware this clip contains very course language