B sides of a former time

In todays age of instant gratification it is easy to see why the preference runs for digital material, it is quick versatile and very share friendly.. So some time ago I aimed to bridge a gap by digitising my art, only like many of us I didn’t really like everything I was producing.

Why? I can’t ever imagine, the only advice I could ever see giving to my just turned twenty something self is generally a massive slap in the face.

None the less I spent countless hours and funds on rolls of film which I fed through several cameras of varying quality which I developed, printed and X-processed to then scan. Do I remember shooting most of these? Not entirely no… do I like them now? yes. Because to me they are honest. A slice of time that was before today.

And this is why I have now compiled them into a gallery. I solemnly swear to like my own work more from now on.

B sides of a life of adventure between 2008-2012






Exhibition prep for the first annual Creatives Unleashed Expo

For the past few weeks I’ve been busy making some Cyanotypes for the first annual Creatives Unleashed Expo in Parramatta, This event will be showcasing a broad variety of creative talent from all around Sydney this mothers day.

This will be an oportunity for those who’d like to purchase some of my art.

Printed Cyanotype

Printed Cyanotype

Cyanotype during exposure

Cyanotype during exposure

Photograph exposed under ultra violet light

Photogram exposed under ultra violet light

Washing out Cyanotypes

Washing out Cyanotypes

Creatives Unleashed will be exhibiting multiple forms of talent from artists, to musicians, dancers, performers and designers. The event will be held on this mothers day, so please do come and and say hello.

Creatives Unleashed 2014

Sunday May 11th 2014 11am-5pm Parramatta Townhall

 “An innovative and attainable event and platform for emerging
Creatives to showcase.”

“This kind of event has not been held in western Sydney before and will be an annual event”


Behind the scenes on Josh Harle’s Gamespace Project

Ive recently had the pleasure of once again assisting the extrordinary Josh Harle on another project, Going through some areas of Sydney’s MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art Australia) photographing artworks, hallways & reference points for his “Gamespaces” exhibition.

Josh Harle's Gamespace Project

Josh Harle’s Gamespace Project

“Gamespaces” is a photo-realistic recreation of Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art as a playable video game, complete with galleries filled with artworks. Visitors to the studio can check out the timelapse documentation of the reconstruction process and play the final game on a 42” crisp cinema 3D screen from the comfort of couches.

Here is a behind the scenes look into the project:



The first stage of this project was unveiled at the MCA’s artbar last week with stage two opening next week.

The exhibition opens Tuesday 9th July 2013, 1pm-9pm Shop 2.05, The Rocks side of the MCA (two doors down) You can find the Facebook event HERE.

Update: Video footage of ingame action can now be found HERE.


Interview With Large Format Photography Australia

I have just had the pleasure been interviewed by the staff over at largeformatphotography.com.au which recently launched; distributing a wealth of articles, interviews and helping connect some of Australias great artists.

This was a great exercise giving insight into myself as an artist and I’ve enjoyed sharing some of my experiences.

Anyone wishing to have a read can find that interview here.


City Lights

Wrap up from last weeks shoot @ The Cleland Bond building in the rocks.

Murasaki Penguin is a long-term interdisciplinary collaboration between Japanese dancer/choreographer Anna Kuroda and Australian sound and multimedia artist David Kirkpatrick.

This was a fun shoot, The results are going to be used as the promotional material for a project called “City Lights” taking place simultaneously in both Sydney & Japan next year.

Many thanks to my assistants for the evening, Nancy & Tim.


Time to celebrate!

For those of you who haven’t heard, I’ve aquired a new studio!

To help celebrate this momentous move forward I am now taking new expressions of interest from subjects for 2012 to early 2013.

If you are an artist, musician, performer, model or creative enthusiest who is interested in fun themed conceptual ideas and collaboration, Then head over to the contact page and shoot me an email.

Looking forward to it