Exhibition prep for the first annual Creatives Unleashed Expo

For the past few weeks I’ve been busy making some Cyanotypes for the first annual Creatives Unleashed Expo in Parramatta, This event will be showcasing a broad variety of creative talent from all around Sydney this mothers day.

This will be an oportunity for those who’d like to purchase some of my art.

Printed Cyanotype

Printed Cyanotype

Cyanotype during exposure

Cyanotype during exposure

Photograph exposed under ultra violet light

Photogram exposed under ultra violet light

Washing out Cyanotypes

Washing out Cyanotypes

Creatives Unleashed will be exhibiting multiple forms of talent from artists, to musicians, dancers, performers and designers. The event will be held on this mothers day, so please do come and and say hello.

Creatives Unleashed 2014

Sunday May 11th 2014 11am-5pm Parramatta Townhall

 “An innovative and attainable event and platform for emerging
Creatives to showcase.”

“This kind of event has not been held in western Sydney before and will be an annual event”


Wet Plate Collodion Tintypes

Just under 2 weeks ago I attended Australia’s first Wet Plate Collodion Gathering at Goldstreet Studios in Victoria, Facilitated by the masterful Craig Tuffin. It was great to get back into some large format shooting.

I thought I’d share some of my favorite Tintypes from the day

tintype1 tintype2 tintype3

  Here is a large format plate of our group by Craig

collodiongathering2013And a video of the exposed plate being fixed after development

[jwplayer mediaid=”652″]

 Special shoutouts go to:

  • Ellie Young for a lend of a camera
  • Craig Tuffin for being a great instructor & facilitator
  • Astrid Piepschyk for her masterful tips and providing me with a crash course demo
  • Melissa Anderson for the fun times and tips for my flash burned eyes.

All in all fun times were had, Keep watching this space in comming weeks for some of my work from the streets Melbourne after the gathering.


Holla From Melbourne

It’s been a little while since I’ve communicated with many of you out there, I’ve been on a temporary hiatus due to varied living situations.

I’ve had a break from my break to jet down to Melbourne to the wonderful little town of East Trentham visiting Goldstreet Studios to attend Australia’s first ever Wet Plate Collodion Gathering, which was facilitated by the amazing Craig Tuffin.

All in all I’ve had a great experience so far making Tin Types and wondering the streets of Melbourne (just walking in any direction that takes my fancy) I’ve met a couple dozen new friends, many of them amazing photographers both at Goldstreet and on the Streets. I would like to say you’ve all been amazing and I’ve enjoyed trading tips, tricks and ideas, (and among other things learning first hand about the effects of flash burn on one’s eyes) It’s been great and I’d more than happy to maintain contact with any of you.

Anyhow time is short and shots are yet to be developed and uploaded so stay tuned for the recap and images within the next week or so.




The Magic of Pinholes

Every now and then I drag out a camera made from a coke can, magnet and waffer tin to try and capture something interesting.

There is no shutter, no glass and a very tiny  fixed aperture making for freedom to do things a little intuitively rather than working with bulky studio equipment.

I can do single or multiple exposures, refit and re adjust paper between exposures to creative various effects, these images then are captured on 5″x7″ black & white photographic paper and hand developed in small trays of chemicals.

Not bad for a waffer tin wouldn’t you say?


Fixed and finished

If we look back to when I was printing Mr Steedman onto a board you may remember that I met with a sanding mishap in the final stages of finishing (This is why powertools can never fully replace good old hand craftmanship) anyhow, I thought on a solution for a few months and rather than start again re-styled the whole board.I think the new rough worn “vintaged” look works, So well infact that It has already changed hands and will not likely see exhibition.



Tea Toning Cyanotype Tests

Some boredom this afternoon prompted me to make a cup of tea and dip some paper into it, with a few test prints kicking about that I no longer had any use for I decided to try “tea toning” some Cyanotypes.

This is a Blue Sunprint premade cyanotype paper I experimented with a while back, this is the same contact print from a 5×4 negative developed in PMK pyro, Note that although the after image is softer a small amount of the highlight detail has been “developed” back in by the tea.

Here are two prints which were quite similar before toning, The usual prussian blues have turned an almost chocolate colour, the change is quite pretty.

I found the best results from images with fuller a tonal range, Cyanotypes of my favorite woodcuts did not tone too well compared to these, I shall endeavor to make more tests with some nicer prints soon.



Class Talk & Cyanotpe Workshop

Last week Yvette Worsboys asked me if I’d like to come along and have a talk to her 1st year photoimaging class over at TAFE Sydney Institue of Photography.

I pretty much talked through my materials from the last exhibition, Getting some  reallygreat questions and feedback.

Afterwards I preped a little demo of my Cyanotype process and made a litte workshop of it.

It was great to see such enthusiasm among the students we ended up with a lovely photogram to show for it.



Photos courtesy of Yvette Worboys

I never imagined all those years ago when I first picked up a camera I’d be giving advice to those following in my steps.