MSP – Unfit For Human Consumption EP

The Maximum Sexy Pigeon boys have finally released their Unfit For Human Consumption EP, featuring some of my fine film work integrated into the album art.


The sound these guys give off is a heavy dirty hybrid of industrial metal and hard rock, think of influences such as Ministry, Fear Factory & Nail Bomb. Certainly worth listening to loud enough to annoy the neighbors (otherwise headphones are always an option).

You can follow the MSP and enquire about getting a copy of the album on their facebook page HERE.




Interview With Large Format Photography Australia

I have just had the pleasure been interviewed by the staff over at which recently launched; distributing a wealth of articles, interviews and helping connect some of Australias great artists.

This was a great exercise giving insight into myself as an artist and I’ve enjoyed sharing some of my experiences.

Anyone wishing to have a read can find that interview here.