B sides of a former time

In todays age of instant gratification it is easy to see why the preference runs for digital material, it is quick versatile and very share friendly.. So some time ago I aimed to bridge a gap by digitising my art, only like many of us I didn’t really like everything I was producing.

Why? I can’t ever imagine, the only advice I could ever see giving to my just turned twenty something self is generally a massive slap in the face.

None the less I spent countless hours and funds on rolls of film which I fed through several cameras of varying quality which I developed, printed and X-processed to then scan. Do I remember shooting most of these? Not entirely no… do I like them now? yes. Because to me they are honest. A slice of time that was before today.

And this is why I have now compiled them into a gallery. I solemnly swear to like my own work more from now on.

B sides of a life of adventure between 2008-2012






Fixed and finished

If we look back to when I was printing Mr Steedman onto a board you may remember that I met with a sanding mishap in the final stages of finishing (This is why powertools can never fully replace good old hand craftmanship) anyhow, I thought on a solution for a few months and rather than start again re-styled the whole board.I think the new rough worn “vintaged” look works, So well infact that It has already changed hands and will not likely see exhibition.



Todays Alternative

Today I really hoped do be able to show you a finished skateboard deck with a powerful image of Mr Steedman, although due to an unfortunate “electric sander accident” this is not exactly possible.
So for some alternative enjoyment I am providing you with a recently shot self portrait.

Self Portrait


















I know I look fairly serious, but this is due to skate related issues. Honest.

Stay watching this space for some more darkroom work and musicians very soon.


An afternoon in the darkroom

Yesterday I spent the afternoon in the darkroom testing out some new paper (12×16 in Ilford Multigrade IV RC De Luxe Gloss for those of you interested) all the while using a few of the old favorites along side a skateboard.

After a few prints of Mr Calamity Hawkins (which would test the amount of drying space I’d have available) I decided to look for something a little different, While flipping through sheets of negatives I came across a picture of a good friend of mine Mark Steedman and thought I’d make a test print. Wow is all I can say… I ended up printing the same image on a few sheets of the ilford mg, some old ilfobrom and then thought I’d might as well make a full afternoon of it and chemically printed his face onto a skateboard. All in all a good day.


I shall leave you with this small gallery, I will share more pictures of the board once I have gone through the sealing and finishing stages.

Look out for more of these as there will be an exhibition of them at a later date.