Holla From Melbourne

It’s been a little while since I’ve communicated with many of you out there, I’ve been on a temporary hiatus due to varied living situations.

I’ve had a break from my break to jet down to Melbourne to the wonderful little town of East Trentham visiting Goldstreet Studios to attend Australia’s first ever Wet Plate Collodion Gathering, which was facilitated by the amazing Craig Tuffin.

All in all I’ve had a great experience so far making Tin Types and wondering the streets of Melbourne (just walking in any direction that takes my fancy) I’ve met a couple dozen new friends, many of them amazing photographers both at Goldstreet and on the Streets. I would like to say you’ve all been amazing and I’ve enjoyed trading tips, tricks and ideas, (and among other things learning first hand about the effects of flash burn on one’s eyes) It’s been great and I’d more than happy to maintain contact with any of you.

Anyhow time is short and shots are yet to be developed and uploaded so stay tuned for the recap and images within the next week or so.