Josh Harle’s Emerging Topologies

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending Josh Harle‘s “Emerging Topologies” Exhibition.

Josh aproached me a while back asking for a little collaboration on one of his major pieces, I was blown away to find out it was a reconstruction of a support pylon for a monorail onto which he planned to print original details and graffiti with a photo sensitive emulsion. (and to 1:1 scale!)

So we got the ball running and Josh came out with this:


Something well larger than my current works. I have to say I am amazed.

All in all I’ve never quite seen someone explore places, shapes, ideas and architecture quite like this.


Josh’s exhibition runs until Saturday May 25th @ Kudos gallery Sydney for anyone looking to check it out.

“All stories are travel stories.

The spaces we inhabit are becoming progressively more legible through ubiquitous access to Google Maps and GPS navigation, introducing new types of travel story and new types of space. Emerging Topologies explores the shifting landscape of a city experienced through mobile mapping technology, and sketches out its own improbable paths through the shadows.

Informed by his previous research degree in Computer Science, Josh Harle has created a series of software tools to map, scan, and visualise the city in contingent, poetic ways, in spite of the rationalising imperative of geo-locative technology. The works tell tales: compiling unreadable maps of journeys through strange cities, and taking playful, winding trips across the smudged face of the reference map.” – Josh Harle