Interview With Large Format Photography Australia

I have just had the pleasure been interviewed by the staff over at which recently launched; distributing a wealth of articles, interviews and helping connect some of Australias great artists.

This was a great exercise giving insight into myself as an artist and I’ve enjoyed sharing some of my experiences.

Anyone wishing to have a read can find that interview here.


Tea Toning Cyanotype Tests

Some boredom this afternoon prompted me to make a cup of tea and dip some paper into it, with a few test prints kicking about that I no longer had any use for I decided to try “tea toning” some Cyanotypes.

This is a Blue Sunprint premade cyanotype paper I experimented with a while back, this is the same contact print from a 5×4 negative developed in PMK pyro, Note that although the after image is softer a small amount of the highlight detail has been “developed” back in by the tea.

Here are two prints which were quite similar before toning, The usual prussian blues have turned an almost chocolate colour, the change is quite pretty.

I found the best results from images with fuller a tonal range, Cyanotypes of my favorite woodcuts did not tone too well compared to these, I shall endeavor to make more tests with some nicer prints soon.



MSP Recording Shenanigans

Last week I caught up with a couple of the boys from Maximum Sexy Pigeon on the tail end of a recording session. It’s hard to hang out with these guys without witnessing some hilariously crude behaviour & somewhat twisted humor.

Here are a few of the shots that ensued

Maximum Sexy Pigeon






Maximum Sexy Pigeon






Maximum Sexy Pigeon







Their new EP will be released soon along with their website featuring much work by yours truely.