Captured 50 year anniversary exhibition

This years Captured exhibition is celebrating fifty years of photography at the Sydney Institute of Photography.

Thousands of ex students were invited to submit works for this event which in turn were anonymously submitted for selection by a panel of industry professionals and showcased at The Muse this Monday evening.

There was an amazing caliber of work on show and I was delighted to discover some of my own had been included.




Captured 2014 runs until Friday the 19th of September 10:00am – 4:00pm daily @ The Muse Cnr Harris and Thomas Sts, Ultimo 2007.


Josh Harle’s Emerging Topologies

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending Josh Harle‘s “Emerging Topologies” Exhibition.

Josh aproached me a while back asking for a little collaboration on one of his major pieces, I was blown away to find out it was a reconstruction of a support pylon for a monorail onto which he planned to print original details and graffiti with a photo sensitive emulsion. (and to 1:1 scale!)

So we got the ball running and Josh came out with this:


Something well larger than my current works. I have to say I am amazed.

All in all I’ve never quite seen someone explore places, shapes, ideas and architecture quite like this.


Josh’s exhibition runs until Saturday May 25th @ Kudos gallery Sydney for anyone looking to check it out.

“All stories are travel stories.

The spaces we inhabit are becoming progressively more legible through ubiquitous access to Google Maps and GPS navigation, introducing new types of travel story and new types of space. Emerging Topologies explores the shifting landscape of a city experienced through mobile mapping technology, and sketches out its own improbable paths through the shadows.

Informed by his previous research degree in Computer Science, Josh Harle has created a series of software tools to map, scan, and visualise the city in contingent, poetic ways, in spite of the rationalising imperative of geo-locative technology. The works tell tales: compiling unreadable maps of journeys through strange cities, and taking playful, winding trips across the smudged face of the reference map.” – Josh Harle


Fiend Fest Sydney 2012

Viral Millinium

Viral Millinium

Sunday the 10th of June saw many of us flocking to hermanns bar to see an amazing lineup of (broadly) industrial styled bands, featured by Fiend Fest an event organised by Rivetting Promotions, Yours truely had a press pass and no intensions of passing up a good photo oportunity.

Viral Millenium kicked off with an early start with music of epic preportions and an amazing stage presence, This was followed by Novakill which notedly had some of the most sinister anger filled vocals I’ve heard in years, Shiv-R were up next exhibiting a very attractive stage appearance with the most band members of any group that evening.

This brings us to..

Hanzel und Gretyl

Hanzel und Gretyl

Hanzel Und Gretyl, This duo is so fun I’d pass up a drunken monkey knife fight just to see them, with german(ish) lyrics and a focus on heavy vocals and a non stop drinking party, all sorts of antics are possible, In this circumstance a couple fans ended up onstage with one drinking a couple beers from a boot during “das boot” and jagermeister being poured into fans mouths from stage (mine happily included) along with much beer being passed into the audience.



At first sight you might think that one of the members of gwar had removed their head gear and broken into a fitful dance routine, that is until you realise that you’re



watching a mexican aggrotech band known as Hocico, While appreciating this two piece I found among the hardstyle beats some really fast paced dark vocals comming from a man that never seems to stay in one place onstage, Stage prescence with some dance moves are quite prominant with some innuendo thrown in too, hocico is something totally different to watch from the industrial metal musicians I’ve seen in the past.


It has been a while since I photographed some live musicians and actually took the time to also enjoy the show, I feel like I might do it a little more often in the future.



New Names Large Frames Exhibition

Excerpt from (with images added)

“We enjoyed great success on the opening night with both sides of THE MUSE fully packed,Drinks were enjoyed and the calibre of work was absolutely breathtaking, Combine this with the great food & atmosphere (not to mention the grand piano) and one would easily come to the conclusion that the night was a smashing success.

After 4 long years (give or take a few depending on each students background) of study everyone came together and produced something amazing.

After so much hard time and preperation the final year students a few days earlier had their portfolios evaluated by some of the industries best and brightest, including: Moshe Rosenzveig, Penelope Beveridge & Robert  Cameriere

From their evaluations combined with those of the great photographers who taught us,  they came up with results that would not only determine an academic outcome but also effectivly judge who would win a number of prizes for their achievments on the evening


Those prizes were awarded for:

Best portfolio Stephanie Georgia Jury

With prizes supplied courtesy of Adobe, Sun Studios & Canon Australia




Runner up best portfolio of the year Neck Ro

With prizes supplied courtesy of Adobe & Yaffa Publishing



Best Image Mariam Adra

With prizes supplied courtesy of AIPP




And a surprise consolation prize was issued by Peter Gillies who loved Melinda Cartmer’s body of work, awarding her with some free use of freedom studios


We as a group would love to thank everyone who showed up and all those who supported us, Including friends, teachers, families & sponsers alike.”

Here is a gallery of the evening



Photos courtesy of Benny Suyoto