Now we Ergo the Ego

In late 2013 I asked a number a participants to visit my studio to participate in a shoot themed around them, only when asked what about them I wanted, I told participants “it is up to you”. The only overall explanation was along the lines of it had to be expressive, very outward and glamorously engaging (and occasionally my response was “I don’t know.. dress up or something, this is about what you want”).

Is it any wonder people thought I could not articulate myself?

The idea was to try and get a feel of Ego, and people’s outward portrayal of themselves given a chance to do anything as long as it was impressive.

What followed was an adventure though peoples ideas and expressions in a foil lined room lit to resemble the inside of some sort of science fiction film set.

None the less we captured some very interesting ideas from the absurd to the subtle.

Here are the highlights


This has been a fantastic experience and something I’d love to look into doing again in the future.


MSP – Unfit For Human Consumption EP

The Maximum Sexy Pigeon boys have finally released their Unfit For Human Consumption EP, featuring some of my fine film work integrated into the album art.


The sound these guys give off is a heavy dirty hybrid of industrial metal and hard rock, think of influences such as Ministry, Fear Factory & Nail Bomb. Certainly worth listening to loud enough to annoy the neighbors (otherwise headphones are always an option).

You can follow the MSP and enquire about getting a copy of the album on their facebook page HERE.




MSP Recording Shenanigans

Last week I caught up with a couple of the boys from Maximum Sexy Pigeon on the tail end of a recording session. It’s hard to hang out with these guys without witnessing some hilariously crude behaviour & somewhat twisted humor.

Here are a few of the shots that ensued

Maximum Sexy Pigeon






Maximum Sexy Pigeon






Maximum Sexy Pigeon







Their new EP will be released soon along with their website featuring much work by yours truely.