Enduring an unexpected hiatus

Life throws many curve balls and not all are necessarily bad. In 2014 I begun embarking towards a long term goal, one I never expected to love so much but do none the less. My new goal led to new career paths and a new place to live and many new friends. I am now predominately supporting myself in a career as a boutique spirits specialist. Will this mean I stop producing art? Never. None the less it does mean I have to pick and choose my opportunities wisely.

2015 onwards will see not just a continuation of my work but the progression and growth of my skills which will also combine with my other career path.

I’d like to thank everyone who has supported me and all of those who will continually encourage me to follow my many, many passions.

Wait and see the great things I do next.

Thank you & Slainte Mhor!


Todays Alternative

Today I really hoped do be able to show you a finished skateboard deck with a powerful image of Mr Steedman, although due to an unfortunate “electric sander accident” this is not exactly possible.
So for some alternative enjoyment I am providing you with a recently shot self portrait.

Self Portrait


















I know I look fairly serious, but this is due to skate related issues. Honest.

Stay watching this space for some more darkroom work and musicians very soon.