The Body – Australia’s first “poster” exhibition

This evening I attended The Body, An exhibition at Pro Exhibit in Alexandria Sydney.

Upon hearing of this I was told this would be a “digital poster” exhibit and was quite curious so decided to head along and check it out. After aproaching the gallery I noted a Beautful transilluminated black and white print, along with a large screen, what was going to be inside?

When I entered there were several larger prints along with these “strips” that were almost like a reel of each photographers work. Between these were the photographers biographies.

After grabbing some fruity Sangria I headed into a darkened room where there was an amazing array of screens suspended from the ceiling in a wave formation displaying beautiful large bright images of bodies in a range of styles from the talent on display.

Index prints with artist biographies

"Digital Poster" Screens

"The Body"


Catching up with Ben Sherak, Shelly Sernek & Ralph Hass

I have to say I really liked what I saw, This style of exhibit made it possible for more than several photographers to display their work in one place. Notable works I liked included shots from Peter Steele & Oliver Berlin.

I’d love to have a comprehensive list of all photographers involved but couldn’t source one at this time

For those of you who missed the opening – the exhibition runs until the 4th December 10pm-4pm daily